Volume XI - 1957  
Manousakas M. I.PAPERS AND STUDIES11302 - 3071957Greek
An encyclical from Ioannis Plousiadenos to the priests of Chandax
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Publication of an encyclical letter addressed by Ioannis Plousiadenos to the priests of Chandax, urging them to live in harmony at the time of the intense discord caused by the decisions of the Council of Ferrara-Florence over the unification of the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The text was written c. 1460, before Plousiadenos began his pro-unification work in earnest. It was most probably read out at one of the town’s churches. Preserved in Paris codex Graec. 2500, which is written at the hand of the Cretan Georgios Agapitos, it bears dated written memorials by Agapitos himself, his son Manousos and the Venetian Zacaria Corner, dating to between 1468 and 1508. The last two of these refer to an earthquake that was felt throughout most of Crete.

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