Volume XI - 1957  
Spanakis S.PAPERS AND STUDIES11277 - 3011957Greek
An unpublished inventory of the 100 cities of Crete
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Codex Mss. Ital. VII 918 (=8932) held in the Bibloteca Marciana in Venice preserves a description of Crete entitled Descrittione delle anime del Regno di Candia. Notes on the island’s position and geophysical features are followed by an inventory of the 100 ancient cities of Crete, with additional information on a number of them. The document is here published in the original and Greek translation, with notes which attempt to identify the site of each city and provide supplementary information from other sources. There follows a comparative table giving the cities mentioned in the manuscript; in Creta Sacra by Flaminius Cornelius; on Coronelli’s map of Crete; in Olfert Dapper’s Naukeurige beschryving der Eilanden…[Precise Description of the Islands…]; and in N. Stavrakis’ Statistike tou plethysmou tes Kretes [Statistics on the population of Crete].

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