Volume XI - 1957  
Aposkitou Μ. PAPERS AND STUDIES11162 - 1701957Greek
Molière and Cretan theatre. A contribution to the comparative study of Renaissance theatre
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Influences from Roman theatre and Italian Renaissance comedy are apparent in both Cretan and French theatrical output in the 17th century. These account for the many similarities between works by Molière and Cretan comedies. One prevalent element common to the plots of both is the mutual love between two young people, which goes against some perverse view held by their guardians; the lost child motif is often used in the denouement. Similarities also apply to the characters: old men in love; brash, greedy servants; matchmakers; pedantic teachers etc. These and many other features, such as sharp dialogue and a sense of reality, lend Cretan literature its Renaissance character and put it on a par with contemporary European literatures.

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