Volume XI - 1957  
Tomadakis N. V. PAPERS AND STUDIES111 - 421957Greek
The episcopate and bishops of Kydonia (of Agia, Kydonia (and Kissamos) and Apokoronas)
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The episcopate of Kydonia is first attested in the mid-4th century AD, when it lay within the jurisdiction of the exarchate of Illyricum and thus the Pope. In 731 it passed to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Nothing is known of its fate under Arab rule; it was reorganized during the second Byzantine period, and John Xenos, who was later canonized, was active within its boundaries. In Venetian times it passed to Catholic priests, who renamed it Agiensis, but under Ottoman rule it returned to the Orthodox Church. This review of the episcopate’s history extends to the mid-20th century; it is supplemented with tables showing the monasteries within its boundaries, and lists of its Orthodox and Catholic bishops. Brief biographies and bibliographies of prominent clerics in the area are also provided.

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