Volume XI - 1957  
Alexiou S. REPORTS11340 - 3431957Greek
Excavations by the foreign Schools of Archaeology
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Presentation of activity by the foreign Schools of Archaeology on Crete in 1957. The British School carried out excavations in the Knossos area. In particular, these were conducted near the site of the Armoury northwest of the palace; in the Central Court; south of the Royal Road; on Gypsades Hill; near the Hogarth houses; in the Roman villa of Dionysus; in the Early Christian basilica by the Venizeleion Hospital; at Prophitis Elias; and at the small furnace next to the House of the Chancel Screen. The Italian School carried out excavations at the palace of Phaistos and at Paterikies, Gortyna and Petrokefali. The French school continued excavating at Malia.

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