Volume XI - 1957  
Spyridakis G. K. PAPERS AND STUDIES11267 - 2761957Greek
A contribution to the study of Greek proverbs
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This paper traces the origin of three Greek proverbs: "Με τη φωνή κι ο Λάζαρος", "Κουκκιά έφαες, κουκκιά μαρτυράς" and "Κουβαλάει νερό με το κόσκινο". The first is uttered on the unexpected arrival of a person while others are talking about him or her. It is linked to popular songs on the Resurrection of Lazarus, as well as with associated children’s customs and folk rituals. The second is used in a pejorative sense to refer to those unable to think or say anything original. Its origin lies in the use of broad beans as a staple food among the lower classes. The third proverb is an ironic way of referring to those labouring in vain, and has its roots in Greek and Roman antiquity; some versions of it are linked to the life of the soul after death.

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