Volume XI - 1957  
Lassithiotakis Κ. PAPERS AND STUDIES11171 - 1991957Greek
Sphakian houses
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A study of the main architectural forms of the Sphakian house, examined in terms of the temperament of the area’s residents alongside the geophysical, economic and historical factors making up their environment. These particular types of building can be classified as flat-roofed, broad-fronted one-room dwellings, characterised by unaffected simplicity. They are constructed mainly of stone and wood, with an earth roof. Their basic architectural feature is the stone arch, which supports half the weight of the roof and creates distinct areas (spales and kantounia) that are functionally independent of each other. The houses tend to be free-standing, though there may be other auxiliary spaces in the large yard surrounding them. The paper presents eight such buildings in different settlements, which are representative of the Sphakian arched dwelling.

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