Volume XI - 1957  
Drandakis N. V. PAPERS AND STUDIES1165 - 1611957Greek
The chapel of Aghios Georgios at Artos, Rethymnon prefecture
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The early 15th century painted chapel of Aghios Georgios stands in the ruined village of Artos in Rethymnon district. This paper studies its architecture and looks in detail at its painted decoration. The half-dome in the apse bears a depiction of the Theotokos. On the north and south walls are zones featuring scenes from the cycles of the Eucharist, the saints’ lives and the gospels. The lowest zone bears full-length depictions of saints; the middle one has compositions inspired by the life of Saint George; and the uppermost features the Dodecaorton and other scenes mainly from the gospels. The Day of Reckoning covering the west wall extends to adjacent sections of the chapel’s long sides. The frescoes bear witness to familiarity with new developments in Constantinople art. Echoes of the Macedonian School and eastern influences are also apparent.

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