Volume XI - 1957  
Mertzios Κ. D. PAPERS AND STUDIES1143 - 481957Greek
An unknown adventure faced by the town of Chania in 1692
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In 1692, while holding sway over the entire Peloponnese, the Venetians attempted to open up a new front in Crete, so as to occupy Ottoman troops off the Isthmus of Corinth. In July of that year, Domenico Mocenigo, General Maritime Provveditor, sailed against Chania and spent forty days trying to take the town. However, he faced fierce resistance from the Ottomans, poor conduct by his auxiliary forces and a wave of deserters. Many local residents sided with the Venetian forces; after the venture failed, they were forced to abandon the island and settle in the Morea, where they struggled to survive. The above historical events are studied on the basis of archive material located in the Venetian State Archive.

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